tsukuro interior.jpg

A melding of four words, Tsukuro translates to the phrase “where the moon arrives over the water;”
a playful nod to the oceanfront setting and synergized rhythm of the menu, design and service style,
aimed to appeal to South Florida locals and visitors from around the globe.

And as day progresses to night there is an excitement that takes over,
under the moon, across the room and with one another.


Experience a culinary journey, where the exotic dances with the familiar - where to indulge takes on new meaning -
where gracious service and plates passed from one to another, are as animated as comforting



A sip of sake, an expertly hand-crafted cocktail, a perfectly balanced glass of wine - they are more than just something to quench one’s thirst, but a first stimulation of the senses to set stage or close the experience.



Marrying time honored technique, improvisation and unexpected dashes of global flavors, cosmopolitan foodies to sushi and street-food fans can savor and share an array of fares and first taste with the eyes.


Relax and enjoy the simple pleasure of good times; milestone celebrations, corporate functions and family gatherings are elevated through food and drinks, our oceanfront setting, service, mood and vibe.